East Harlem Fellowship Mission & Vision


Love God/Love People/Be The Church


Our Vision

East Harlem Fellowship is a church where people from all ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds can and are finding hope, forgiveness, acceptance, and love in the good news of Jesus Christ.


We seek to Be “the church” daily, by connecting people to God, serving the community, and extending God’s kingdom one person at a time. We hope to be a place where everyone can experience faith that gives rise to joy and victory.


We believe that by growing deeper in Christ we become his agents, transforming the lives of those in our community. We know the presence of God alone draws all people unto Himself and turns them into family.


Our Mission

To make disciples through character formation and obedience to all that Christ commanded in his word, worship God in the sharing the good news with others and equipping the saints for the work of the ministry.

Call | To Salvation and to follow Christ

Equip | Abide in Christ

Send | Ongoing growth to live for Christ


Come | Connect  | Contribute

Come and invite your friends to worship at EHF on Sundays, connect with others in  our Life or Ministry Groups and contribute by giving and serving.